Learn How To Choose The Right Embroidery Piece For Your Child To Create


Needlepoint can be a great way for children to be able to build hand-eye-coordination, learn to follow directions, and have something to show for themselves when they are finished with a project. Embroidery is a beautiful form of needlepoint that has an unlimited variety of options available making it ideal for boys and girls to try. The following guide walks you through things to consider when choosing an embroidery piece for your child to try.

Consider the Topic of the Piece

You first need to consider what your child is in to. You want to choose a piece that will peak their interest. If your child likes dogs, choose a piece with a dog in it. If your child likes cars, choose a piece with cars in it. To ensure that your child will really like the piece, let them choose the one that they want to do themselves.

Consider the Size of the Piece

When choosing a piece for your child to try, be sure to choose an option that is small so that it will not take them long to do. Children are not able to sit in one place for hours and hours on end working on an embroidery piece. In order to keep their interest in the piece, it is best to choose a small one that can be completed within an hour.

Consider the Ease of the Piece

You want to be sure to choose an embroidery piece that is not overly difficult for your child to decipher on their own. You will have to explain things to them initially, but you want the pattern to be easy enough for them to be able to follow it on their own. This will help them to gain independence and allow them to learn to follow directions on their own.

Frame the Piece When They Finish

When your child finishes their piece, have a frame to display the item in. This will show them how proud of you and allow them to have a constant reminder that they can do anything that they put their mind to.

It will take time for your child to get the hang of embroidery. It is important to be patient with them and answer any questions that they have at the start so that they can develop their skills and learn how to do embroidery the right way. Each pattern comes with detailed directions that you and your child can read together to learn how to make each piece correctly. Contact a company, like SewChaCha, for more help.


6 November 2017

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