How To Make A Unique Lamp From A Jar


If you're looking for a fun craft you can make that also serves a functional purpose, then you should think about making a jar lamp. You can make one with just a few supplies and with a small amount of preparation. Once you make your own jar lamp, you can use it in your home or give it as a personalized gift. If you like the idea of making one, you'll want to follow the instructions below.

Supplies you will need:

  • A large glass jar with a lid
  • A lamp kit that allows the cord to come out near the light bulb
  • A drill
  • Wire cutters
  • A screwdriver
  • A lightbulb
  • A drill and a large drill bit
  • A small lamp shade that slides over the bulb

Instructions for making the lamp

If your lamp kit isn't already assembled, you will need to assemble it. You will run the cord through the bottom piece of the socket and through the side hole; this will be easier then needing to drill a hole through the glass to run the cord through the entire jar. Use the screwdriver to tighten a screw around each cord on both sides. Then, snap the bottom piece of the socket into place.

Take your drill and use it to drill a hole in the center of the jar lid. Use the wire cutters to cut off any sharp pieces and to make the hole larger if necessary. You want the hole to be just large enough for the post on the lamp socket to fit through snug.

Fit the post through the hole and screw the washer on the bottom so it causes the socket to be held tightly in place. Screw the lid back on to the jar and make sure the light is straight. If it isn't straight then you want to remove the lid and tighten the bottom washer more while you move the socket around. Put the lid back on the jar and set the lamp where you want it.

Put a lightbulb into the socket and put the lampshade in place by sliding it carefully onto the bulb. Plug the lamp into the wall and turn it on.

Once you see your lamp turn on, you can take pride in knowing you made it yourself. You can even decorate the lamp by putting items into the jar. Some examples of things you can put in the jar include marbles, potpourri, sea shells, coffee beans and coins. For more tips, speak with electrical experts like Koontz Hardware.


14 April 2015

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