3 Golden Rules To Learning The Guitar


Music is a hobby that people can carry with them their entire lives. In terms of making beautiful music and improving oneself, many people gravitate toward the guitar as their instrument of choice. If you want to not just play around and pluck a few strings, but get really good at the guitar, there are some practical things that you can do in order to make the most of your learning. This guide will point you in the direction of the best ways to master the guitar, so that you can make the most out of this beautiful instrument. 

#1: Get A Teacher With Some Credentials

The best way to learn guitar is by having an instructor who can oversee your process. By having a skilled teacher, such as those at Pimentel & Sons Guitars, you'll be able to not only expedite your learning by having a clear path of what you can be getting better at, you'll also save plenty of time and hassle by avoiding common mistakes and developing bad habits. For best results, you'll want to search around for someone with some quality credentials, such as music program degrees, performance credits and awards. While they don't necessarily have to be rockstars, it pays to know that they understand the guitar in and out. 

#2: Listen To Plenty Of Music

When learning to do anything, you will need to get plenty of input to go with your output. For instance, to learn to speak and write, you will want to read a lot. In the case of playing music, you must listen to plenty of music so that you can hear how someone else does it, as you work to develop a style of your own. You should listen to music that you would not ordinarily gravitate toward, as well, so that you can hear a number of different styles, since the guitar is one of the most versatile instruments on the planet. 

#3: Learn Piece By Piece, Every Single Day

The key to getting great at the guitar isn't to set aside an hour once per week, you will need to make sure that you learn something brand new every single day. The path toward becoming great at the guitar is filled with constant disciplines and small gains, as opposed to growing by leaps and bounds. You should make sure that you play the guitar every single day, weekends and holidays included, so that the habit becomes engrained and allows it to feel like second nature to you. 

Follow these three golden tips, so that you can become the great guitar player that you want to be. 


18 February 2015

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