How To Choose The Right Remote Control Toy For Your Child


Many children, including both boys and girls, enjoy playing with remote control toys. They love the excitement of being able to make the toy move and go anywhere they want by just flipping a switch. There is a wide variety of remote control toys to choose from with different levels of difficulty. Before purchasing a remote control toy for your child, it is a good idea to check out the different types of remote control toys to ensure they are age appropriate for your child. 

Ages 2-5

For children that are between the ages of two to five, it is best to give them a remote controlled toy that is easy to use and safe for them to play with. Often, this age group of children may still put toys in their mouths. Therefore, it is best to choose a toy that does not have small or loose and dangling parts. These toys are usually made of a childproof, thick, rubbery plastic. It is very difficult to break these toys into small pieces. 

The remote control should not have a wire, but only a short antenna that is also covered with a rubbery material. The remote should also screw closed tightly so that your little one cannot remove the batteries. The remote should have large, flat buttons that go forward or backward.

Ages 6-9

Children that are six to nine years of age can handle a more advanced type of remote control toy. This includes toys that have more power and more button options on the remote. The toy can go forward, backward, left and right. However, the antenna should be thick and sturdy enough so that it does not break off easily.

The remote control toy should not have loose parts that break off easily. However, these toys may be more detailed with parts, such as tail pipes or open tops, that make them look more like real vehicles. The remote may be wired or wireless, but should also have a battery compartment that screws shut tightly.

Ages 10+

Ten year olds are usually mature enough to know not to put small parts in their mouths. This is the age group that can play with advanced types of remote control toys. They may prefer a remote control airplane that has a working propeller. With careful supervision children who are ten or more years old can safely play with almost any style of remote control toy.

Whether you're looking for simple RC cars for the kids or looking for servos for sale online to build your own car, you're sure to find a remote control car that will fit your needs. Once you have found the perfect remote control toy for your child, spend some time with him to teach him how to play with it safely. This provides great joy for both you and your child and also may help extend the life of his remote control toys.


30 December 2014

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